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Currently in production, Coming 2019


Fearless reveals the invisible spiritual depth of boxing through an unexpected group of boxers, teenage girls, who uncover their power both inside and outside the ring. 

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Ani Mercedes
Director, Producer & Aspiring Amateur Boxer

The Film

The girls learn boxing through a free program in New York City called the She Fights Foundation, which has been featured in the Village Voice, NYU's Gallatin Galleries, and photographed for Reebok Women and Nike Hijab ads. But those only scratch the surface, looking at the girls from the outside. This documentary goes deeper into their world -- into the profound poems they write about boxing, into the inner empowerment that unfolds as they come toe- to-toe with personal struggles and triumphs, and into the pronounced independence developed as they blossom into disciplined and passionate athletes.

Unlike most boxing films, where narratives revolve around a romanticized lone wolf against the world training for a mythical “big fight”, this will be completely different, revealing the invisible spiritual depth of this beautiful sport.


Social Impact Overview

The founder of Society Nine, the prominent women's boxing gear company, put it, “I conceptually always wanted women to feel like they had a safe place to literally feel, be, and express everything." My goal is to bring the film to places where women are still banned from boxing -- like the Havana Film Festival in Cuba, where, despite having more Olympic boxing medals than any other country, women are banned from competing. 


Unique Access & Perspective 

As a filmmaker, woman of color, and aspiring amateur boxer I'm not just telling this story, I live this story. I've been doing some form of combat sports -- Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing -- for over 20 years. I met the founders of the She Fights Foundation, Cristina and Liv, because we are part of a network that supports women in combat sports, organized by Society Nine, a brand that makes gear and apparel designed for women in combat sports. At a time when women's boxing is trending up, it's an exciting time for this unique film to be made -- by a boxer, about boxers, for boxers!

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