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Ani Mercedes, Director/Producer & Aspiring Amateur Boxer


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FEARLESS (working title) is a short documentary film that reveals the invisible spiritual depth of boxing through an unexpected group of boxers, teenage girls and female fighters, who uncover their power both inside and outside the ring. It will be structured around the length of an actual amateur boxing match; three rounds that total 12 minutes. 

Status: Pre=Production

Timeline: Target completion/picture lock: Late 2019 | Target release: 2020

Length: 12 minutes, the length of an actual amateur boxing match, 3 rounds 

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 9.31.51 AM.png
  • Selected for the Sundance Short Film Intensive in Miami

  • Finalist Tribeca Film Institute/ESPN Short Documentary Fund

  • Finalist Glassbreaker Films Fund


30 second rough sketch: Much like a painter makes sketches to test a concept before starting the final painting, SHY is a 30 second sketch to test concepts for FEARLESS.